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We are Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment NYC. Drs. Sergi, Rapps, Aminian, Figlo. We offer the best and most affordable laser for Toenail Fungus in NYC. We use the Cutera Genesis 1064nm Laser. Just to the right of here is a brief introduction to laser treatment for toenail fungus. Below here, we will post blogs about lasers for nail fungus. I hope you find our site informative. Click on contact us to ask any questions. Dr. Emanuel Sergi

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Ethical Doctors for Laser Nail Fungus Treatment NYC

The importance of honesty, ethics, and proper treatment of Nail Fungus

Many doctors will treat anyone with a laser for nail fungus if they ask for it. We will not. Why? Because not everyone needs it. We recently turned away three people in one week. At $900 per series of treatments, that is $2,700 that we sent walking back out the door. The reason I did this is because I don’t believe in treating people for a condition they do not have. Lasers are meant to treat nail fungus. If you don’t have nail fungus, you don’t need the laser treatment for it. These three individuals had the nail separating from the nail bed, which causes discoloration that is often mistaken for nail fungus. This problem cannot be treated by a laser or even by a topical medication on its own.

How is nail separation treated?

If it is separation of the nail and nail bed that is the problem instead of fungus, the part of the nail that is separated must be removed entirely. This is often completed by cutting and/or grinding to remove the lifted section and smooth out the nail. Once this is completed, a topical medication is applied and the use is continued at home. Most of these medications also have anti-fungal medicine as part of the mix to help prevent future problems. The product we use is our own special creation. It is called NailPure by Dr. Silverberg. Tolnaftate is the ingredient that acts as an antifungal medication that is included in this product and it also contains several oils to help the medication be absorbed by the nail so it can treat any fungus that is present.

In cases of nail separation, it is the oil in the topical treatment that offers more of a healing benefit than the tolnaftate. The oils in the product are manuka tree oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil. The combination of these oils helps penetrate and hydrate the nail and the skin around the nail, which helps heal the area and prevent further breaking and separating. Our nail product also contains acetic acid. This acid helps brighten and whiten the nail to make it look better while it is healing. This is the same acid that makes vinegar have such a its distinct smell and taste. When a nail is treated with NailPure, the nail is able to grow and reattach to the nail bed, while Nail Fungus Treatmentlooking healthy and recovering to a natural appearance. Nailpure is also available on Amazon.

One product is the best treatment for fungus and nail bed separation!

This seems like a strange thing to say, but the truth is in the evidence and successful treatment of both these problems. When we had the patients that didn’t need the laser treatment, we still wanted to help them find a solution to their problem. Previously, we have spent nearly two years studying and experimenting trying to find the best treatments for nail fungus and for nail separation. We experimented with various combinations of ingredients to figure out the best combinations. The product was tested time and time again, on real patients, with real problems. What we discovered with the ingredients of NailPure is that the nail grew out without fungus, with a whiter appearance, and with a clear, healthy look. It was after the fungus treatment testing that we discovered the successful treatment of nail bed separation as well. We hadn’t originally thought that NailPure would be a treatment for separation, but it works far better than other products on the market that claim to treat the problem. I inadvertently discovered a multi-use product that works well for all of our patients.

The patients we turned away from laser treatment were all very thankful that I did not waste their time and money. In fact, they saved over $850 because I suggested topical treatment instead of the laser treatment for $900. Many doctors would not have been honest with these individuals and would have suggested they spend hundreds of dollars and several office visits to attempt to treat a problem they knew would not be treated by the laser. Some doctors intentionally do this while others simply don’t understand the science behind nail separation and nail fungus because they can appear so similar. However, a nail fungus treatment can’t succeed if the problem isn’t actually nail fungus!

Things to consider when picking out a health care provider for laser nail fungus treatment

Laser ToenailPerhaps the most important thing is to make sure you find someone you can trust and that you feel comfortable with. Ask your friends and family for recommendations and if you have a regular doctor that you get along with well, ask them for a suggestion as well. Be sure to ask if nail fungus really is your problem or if it could be separation of the nail plate. If there is question about which problem it is, lab work can be completed to pinpoint exactly what the problem is so that the proper treatment can be given. If the doctor’s office seems more like a marketing company for laser nail treatment, proceed with caution. These people often want to perform as many laser treatments as possible even if it isn’t the best course of action. Lasers are expensive and doctors want to make as much money as they can as quickly as they can to justify the cost, which is why finding an honest and ethical doctor is important. If you have any questions, my office is always willing to answer them.


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We use the most advanced Laser for nail fungus:

NYC laser toenailf fungus treatment Cutera toenail fungus laser

The Cutera Genesis Laser is 80 Watts. This is 20 times more powerful than the first generation of FDA approved lasers for nail fungus. The Cutera Genesis 1064nm laser is a safe and effective option for treatment of nail fungus.

The heat generated by the laser penetrates deep inside the nail where the fungus resides. It kills the fungus that causes nail disease (Dermatophytes). It is relatively painless. Most patients report feeling some heat and occasional discomfort. The heat does not damage the surrounding skin.

The laser procedure is done in our office and takes 20-40 minutes depending on how many nails are effected.

No anesthesia or pain killers are necessary and patients may return to normal activity and work immediately after the procedure with zero down-time.

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