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We are Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment NYC. Drs. Sergi, Rapps, Aminian, Figlo. We offer the best and most affordable laser for Toenail Fungus in NYC. We use the Cutera Genesis 1064nm Laser. Just to the right of here is a brief introduction to laser treatment for toenail fungus. Below here, we will post blogs about lasers for nail fungus. I hope you find our site informative. Click on contact us to ask any questions. Dr. Emanuel Sergi

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How to Cure Nail Fungus (Best in New York City)

A large number of people who suffer from onychomycosis, the medical term for nail fungus, are seeking alternative treatments to cure toenail fungus. Many are frustrated with the lack of results from using over the counter treatments. The risk of potentially serious side effects, severe skin rashes, and liver damage, often deters people from using prescribed oral medications. In order to achieve long term results, a growing number of people are turning to laser treatments. A number of medical offices are offering laser treatments to cure nail fungus in New York City.

Ethical Doctors Providing Effective Treatment for Nail Fungus

Symptoms of a fungal nail infection include thickened, crumbling, or discolored nails. Other conditions, such as diabetes and nail separation, exhibit similar symptoms to fungal nails. Determining whether or not a patient suffers from toenail fungus is extremely important to the success of laser treatment.toenails

If it’s not fungus, laser treatment will not work. The doctors at Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment NYC are extremely ethical and will not take your money if something else is causing nail irregularity and will not ‘sell’ you laser treatment.

Medical practices using lasers to cure nail fungus in New York City should perform a nail biopsy during the initial consultation if there is any question whether the problem is nail fungus or not. These practices, staffed by a team of ethical doctors, use biopsies to determine whether the problem is due to toenail fungus or some other underlying issue. If the biopsy indicates an underlying problem, not related to fungal nails, the doctors will not perform laser treatment. Instead they will work with the patient to determine the most effective treatment. If biopsy results indicate fungal infection, laser treatment can begin immediately.

Laser Toenail

We use the most advanced Laser for nail fungus:

NYC laser toenailf fungus treatment Cutera toenail fungus laser

The Cutera Genesis Laser is 80 Watts. This is 20 times more powerful than the first generation of FDA approved lasers for nail fungus. The Cutera Genesis 1064nm laser is a safe and effective option for treatment of nail fungus.

The heat generated by the laser penetrates deep inside the nail where the fungus resides. It kills the fungus that causes nail disease (Dermatophytes). It is relatively painless. Most patients report feeling some heat and occasional discomfort. The heat does not damage the surrounding skin.

The laser procedure is done in our office and takes 20-40 minutes depending on how many nails are effected.

No anesthesia or pain killers are necessary and patients may return to normal activity and work immediately after the procedure with zero down-time.

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