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We are Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment NYC. Drs. Sergi, Rapps, Aminian, Figlo. We offer the best and most affordable laser for Toenail Fungus in NYC. We use the Cutera Genesis 1064nm Laser. Just to the right of here is a brief introduction to laser treatment for toenail fungus. Below here, we will post blogs about lasers for nail fungus. I hope you find our site informative. Click on contact us to ask any questions. Dr. Emanuel Sergi

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The Cutera Laser has increased the success of Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus.

FDA approved Cutera Laser for nail fungus:

BestToeNailFungusLaserTreatmentNYC1The cutera laser has been part of our practice for a few years now. This laser is the best on the market for treating nail fungus. We are now experiencing lots of follow up patients with excellent things to say about the treatments. We have been getting excellent results using the Cutera. When it was approved by the FDA, studies showed that the laser had about 70% success in treating nail fungus and our results have also been 70%, about 7 out of 10.

How many lasers do I need for nail fungus?

It’s important to note that one treatment is not enough when it comes to nail fungus. The laser may work occasionally with one treatment, but usually it requires at least three treatments. How successful the treatments are also depends on how bad the nail fungus is; the worse the fungus the more difficult it is to treat successfully. This factor is rarely brought up with many providers when discussing the treatment of nail fungus, but it does make (common) sense. The difficult part is that how bad nail fungus is, is actually a subjective concept. It could simply be a mild infection with a slight discoloration or something very severe with thick and crumbly nails. Everyone’s nails are different and are affected by fungus differently. Multiple factors combine to determine how the individual experiences problems with nail fungus.

BestToeNailFungusLaserTreatmentNYC3Does laser for nail fungus work on everyone?

It is virtually impossible to determine who will get success from laser nail treatments for fungus. Sometimes the lasers work wonderfully on very severe cases, other times it does not. Sometimes very minor cases are not cured by the laser treatment while other times it wipes out the fungus completely. Undergoing laser is the only way to determine if it will work for an individual. Taking this concept into consideration, I will never make a promise for successful treatment for nail fungus laser. However, if laser does fail, I will help you figure out what method will work best for you.

One good thing about laser treatment is that there are no harmful side effects from the treatment. If it doesn’t work, it simply doesn’t work and life goes on just like before. In some cases the laser may work a bit, but not completely, which is still better than no results but can also be difficult to deal with because both us and the patient always hope for complete success.

More than three laser treatments for nail fungus?BestToeNailFungusLaserTreatmentNYC4

We also often do more than three lasers. We tell our patients up front that three may not be enough treatments. When patients return two months after the third laser we determine if they need additional treatments. We charge half price for these additional treatments. See our pricing page for details.

If after three treatments the laser has not worked for individual patients, we also often change the laser parameters. We adjust the power, speed and how many pulses we perform. If after the three treatments we feel it is not working, we will tell you that, rather than you spending more money on treatment that may not work.

Back on the topic of success rates, while we cannot guarantee results, we have been seeing positive results with the Cutera laser for nail fungus.

What is the best office for laser for nail fungus?BestToeNailFungusLaserTreatmentNYC2

Are you wondering if our office might be the best office for your laser treatments? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Because we offer three treatments for one price instead of just one treatment, our office is generally more successful than other offices in treating nail fungus.
  • When comparing to other offices in New York City, our doctors do more lasers than most, resulting in more experienced doctors.
  • Cutera Laser treatment is our specialty. It is the most advanced and modern treatment currently available that is FDA approved.
  • As mentioned above, we are willing to adjust our treatments to increase our success rates while still maintaining the safety of our patients.
  • Our doctors are young and ethical. They stay up to date with the latest information and believe in the value of keeping our patients happy and safe.
  • We believe the best representation of our work are happy patients that are willing to voluntarily refer other people to us. We don’t believe in gimmicky sales tactics.
  • Our prices are the lowest in Manhattan and the New York City area.

Ethical Doctors

If for some reason we don’t think that the laser treatments will be a successful way to treat your nail fungus, we will let you know and we will not take your money for a treatment we feel won’t work. We are also advocates of testing nails to make sure fungus really is the problem. We will do biopsies as needed. A negative biopsy means laser treatment will not work and we will not perform laser, saving you money.

If you have any additional questions about laser for nail fungus or want to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


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We use the most advanced Laser for nail fungus:

NYC laser toenailf fungus treatment Cutera toenail fungus laser

The Cutera Genesis Laser is 80 Watts. This is 20 times more powerful than the first generation of FDA approved lasers for nail fungus. The Cutera Genesis 1064nm laser is a safe and effective option for treatment of nail fungus.

The heat generated by the laser penetrates deep inside the nail where the fungus resides. It kills the fungus that causes nail disease (Dermatophytes). It is relatively painless. Most patients report feeling some heat and occasional discomfort. The heat does not damage the surrounding skin.

The laser procedure is done in our office and takes 20-40 minutes depending on how many nails are effected.

No anesthesia or pain killers are necessary and patients may return to normal activity and work immediately after the procedure with zero down-time.

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