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We are Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment NYC. Drs. Sergi, Rapps, Aminian, Figlo. We offer the best and most affordable laser for Toenail Fungus in NYC. We use the Cutera Genesis 1064nm Laser. Just to the right of here is a brief introduction to laser treatment for toenail fungus. Below here, we will post blogs about lasers for nail fungus. I hope you find our site informative. Click on contact us to ask any questions. Dr. Emanuel Sergi

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Ethical Doctors for Laser Nail Fungus Treatment NYC

The importance of honesty, ethics, and proper treatment of Nail Fungus

Many doctors will treat anyone with a laser for nail fungus if they ask for it. We will not. Why? Because not everyone needs it. We recently turned away three people in one week. At $900 per series of treatments, that is $2,700 that we sent walking back out the door. The reason I did this is because I don’t believe in treating people for a condition they do not have. Lasers are meant to treat nail fungus. If you don’t have nail fungus, you don’t need the laser treatment for it. These three individuals had the nail separating from the nail bed, which causes discoloration that is often mistaken for nail fungus. This problem cannot be treated by a laser or even by a topical medication on its own.

How is nail separation treated?

If it is separation of the nail and nail bed that is the problem instead of fungus, the part of the nail that is separated must be removed entirely. This is often completed by cutting and/or grinding to remove the lifted section and smooth out the nail. Once this is completed, a topical medication is applied and the use is continued at home. Most of these medications also have anti-fungal medicine as part of the mix to help prevent future problems. The product we use is our own special creation. It is called NailPure by Dr. Silverberg. Tolnaftate is the ingredient that acts as an antifungal medication that is included in this product and it also contains several oils to help the medication be absorbed by the nail so it can treat any fungus that is present.

In cases of nail separation, it is the oil in the topical treatment that offers more of a healing benefit than the tolnaftate. The oils in the product are manuka tree oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil. The combination of these oils helps penetrate and hydrate the nail and the skin around the nail, which helps heal the area and prevent further breaking and separating. Our nail product also contains acetic acid. This acid helps brighten and whiten the nail to make it look better while it is healing. This is the same acid that makes vinegar have such a its distinct smell and taste. When a nail is treated with NailPure, the nail is able to grow and reattach to the nail bed, while Nail Fungus Treatmentlooking healthy and recovering to a natural appearance. Nailpure is also available on Amazon.

One product is the best treatment for fungus and nail bed separation!

This seems like a strange thing to say, but the truth is in the evidence and successful treatment of both these problems. When we had the patients that didn’t need the laser treatment, we still wanted to help them find a solution to their problem. Previously, we have spent nearly two years studying and experimenting trying to find the best treatments for nail fungus and for nail separation. We experimented with various combinations of ingredients to figure out the best combinations. The product was tested time and time again, on real patients, with real problems. What we discovered with the ingredients of NailPure is that the nail grew out without fungus, with a whiter appearance, and with a clear, healthy look. It was after the fungus treatment testing that we discovered the successful treatment of nail bed separation as well. We hadn’t originally thought that NailPure would be a treatment for separation, but it works far better than other products on the market that claim to treat the problem. I inadvertently discovered a multi-use product that works well for all of our patients.

The patients we turned away from laser treatment were all very thankful that I did not waste their time and money. In fact, they saved over $850 because I suggested topical treatment instead of the laser treatment for $900. Many doctors would not have been honest with these individuals and would have suggested they spend hundreds of dollars and several office visits to attempt to treat a problem they knew would not be treated by the laser. Some doctors intentionally do this while others simply don’t understand the science behind nail separation and nail fungus because they can appear so similar. However, a nail fungus treatment can’t succeed if the problem isn’t actually nail fungus!

Things to consider when picking out a health care provider for laser nail fungus treatment

Laser ToenailPerhaps the most important thing is to make sure you find someone you can trust and that you feel comfortable with. Ask your friends and family for recommendations and if you have a regular doctor that you get along with well, ask them for a suggestion as well. Be sure to ask if nail fungus really is your problem or if it could be separation of the nail plate. If there is question about which problem it is, lab work can be completed to pinpoint exactly what the problem is so that the proper treatment can be given. If the doctor’s office seems more like a marketing company for laser nail treatment, proceed with caution. These people often want to perform as many laser treatments as possible even if it isn’t the best course of action. Lasers are expensive and doctors want to make as much money as they can as quickly as they can to justify the cost, which is why finding an honest and ethical doctor is important. If you have any questions, my office is always willing to answer them.


Laser for Nail Fungus NYC

How to Cure Fungus Infected Nails

A number of people turn to over the counter methods to cure fungus infected nails. They often become frustrated due to lack of results. Fungal nails are extremely difficult to treat and may require multiple treatments. Over the counter treatments are not the only treatment methods available to cure fungal nails. Other treatments include prescribed medication, laser for nail fungus treatment, and in extreme cases, surgery.

Laser for Nail Fungus NYC

Treatment Options Explained

Over the counter treatments consist of topical creams and special lacquers. These products require regular and consistent application of product and may not entirely cure toenail fungus. In most cases, fungal infection returns quickly. Prescribed medications, such as terbinafine, are taken Laser for Nail Fungusorally. Although these medications have a good success rate, they can cause serious side effects including liver damage and skin rashes. Surgical procedures should only be considered in the event that other treatment methods are not successful. Nail removal is only used in cases involving severe fungal infection or painful nails and also does not work all the time.

Laser for nail fungus treatment uses the newest technology to painlessly cure fungus infected nails. Laser treatment uses multiple pulse lasers to penetrate down to the nail bed and kill fungus at the source. Upon completion of each treatment session, a specially formulated topical ointment is applied to the nail. This procedure provides long term results and offers a high success rate of about 70%.

Call today to schedule a consultation for laser for nail fungus with our expert podiatrists.


NYC Cost of Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Cost of Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

Cost of Laser Toenail FungusFinding the right cure for your toenail fungus can be a challenge. With such a wide range of treatments available, how do you determine which one is right for you? Over the counter treatments can be a reasonably affordable option, but they require regular and consistent application of the product, and results may only work for very mild cases. Other treatments are likely to cost you more in the long term due to the need for repeat treatment. The cost of laser toenail fungus treatment  is higher than over the counter treatments. However it has a very high success rate of approximately 70%. At the same time laser treatment offers long term relief from unsightly nail fungus.

The Breakdown of the Cost of Laser Toenail Fungus

Laser treatment is one of the best priced clinical treatments available for fungal nails. Treatment costs start at $900. This cost covers the initial consultation, three treatment sessions, and any applicable lab work needed. Each session is spaced approximately two months apart and payment is due before the first session begins. At this point in time, health insurance does not cover this procedure. However, you can usually use a flex spending account to cover the costs.

Over the counter methods, although inexpensive at first, typically end up costing significantly more over time through the need of repeat treatment. Considering the ease of procedure and long term results, the cost of laser treatment for nail fungus is a worthwhile investment. The procedure uses the newest technology to cure fungal nails at their source. Treatment is virtually painless.

Call today to schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for laser for nail fungus.



Which is better: PinPointe Nail Laser Treatment or Cutera Genesis Laser Treatments for Toenail Fungus

For those people reading that want the short version–

Cutera Genesis Laser Treatments are far superior to PinPointe treatments.

After years of working with the PinPointe, I have made my own conclusion that it most often just doesn’t work. In some cases, yes, it is successful, but I’ve found these cases few and far between, whereas the Cutera success rate that I have personally experienced and that has been proven by the FDA is around 70% success.

What makes it better–Technology

Cutera Laser FungusThe technology used in the PinPointe is extremely outdated nowadays. The machine may look sleek and modern, but there are no improvements to the laser from the original model. The wattage for the PinPointe is only 4, while the Cutera is an 80 watt machine. Additionally, the PinPoint has a spot size of 1mm while the cutera has a 5mm spot size. The spot size is the area that the laser is actually delivered to and is able to treat at one time. The extremely small size of the PinPointe means it is very easy to miss some of the surface area of the nail. With the Cutera, it is easy to make sure you cover everything on the nail by overlapping partially when you move on to treat a new area. This not only makes the treatment more effective, but makes it much quicker to do as well. What would once take 40 minutes to an hour now only takes 15-20 minutes and the process is completed without the risk of missing areas.

Cost Effective

Cutera Genesis Laser TreatmentsWhat could be better than something that is more effective and less expensive than its overpriced unsuccessful counterpart? Nothing! That is exactly the case with the Cutera Laser Genesis Treatments. It is more effective and less expensive than the PinPointe. When the PinPointe came out, it was the only FDA approved laser and had no competition, allowing the company to charge what they wanted for the technology. When Cutera was developed and approved by the FDA, the company took a much more user friendly approach. Instead of taking a large cut every time the laser is turned on, the company lets the doctors decide what to charge the patients because sells the laser to the doctor outright instead of controlling the costs as the PinPointe did. Once Cutera sells the laser to an office, their connection ends.

I purchased my Cutera and now it is mine completely, I don’t have to worry about the company taking a cut every time I turn it on. Because of this, I can set a reasonable price for the laser treatments. Health Care should be affordable and my practice has been built on fair prices. My profit comes in the volume of work I complete and referrals instead of profiting greatly from each patient.

An explanation of my Pricing Model

When it comes to orthotics, as of this writing I am currently charging $490 per pair while the competition is charging $650 or more, for the exact same thing, with the exact same laboratory procedures. There are several options for orthotics in the area, but I believe mine are the best overall quality and price value in NYC and Manhattan.

Many offices feel the need to make a huge profit on every pair of orthotics. This isn’t something I focus on. I know exactly what my lab costs are and I still make a profit offering inexpensive orthotics to my patients. This is how I get so many referrals. People want to save money where they can and still get quality service and products, which is exactly what I do. When it comes to laser treatment for nail fungus, the procedure isn’t currently covered by insurance. Because it is an out of pocket expense many people hesitate to have it because of the cost. Most places charge $1,200 – $1,900 per visit; I charge $900 for a series of three visits, which is what is typically needed to see results. I charge half of that, $250 fore each additional treatment which may people need. Because I own my laser outright and do not have an ongoing fee with another company, I can offer value services to my patients.

In Conclusion

Cutera Genesis Laser TreatmentsThe Cutera Genesis laser treatments far surpasses the PinPointe in every way. From price, strength, spot size, improved technology, and proven success rates, they almost can’t be compared as the same type of product. Facts and information can always be subjective, but this is my experience and my opinion. I’m sure some doctors and the PinPointe company will disagree.

Treating Nail Fungus with Laser Treatment

Often, nail fungus begins as a small spot that is white or yellow in color, typically under the tip of the fingernail or toenail. Unfortunately, the fungus can spread very quickly and can cause the nail to become very thick and start to fall apart around the edges. Nail fungus can be embarrassing but it can also be painful and in some cases is difficult to treat. Laser treatments are a modern day solution that helps many people get rid of nail fungus for good.

What is so good about Laser Treatments compared to other treatments?

Those individuals that struggle with nail fungus are aware that most treatments just don’t work. BestToeNailFungusLaserTreatmentNYC1.jpgThe treatments available on the market today are virtually endless. However, the best long term solution and the easiest treatment to go through is treatment with a laser. Each session of a laser nail fungus treatment only lasts around 20-30 minutes, depending on the technician, doctor and the severity of the nail fungus. Most cases of nail fungus only take three to five visits to treat properly. The great thing is that once the treatment is finished, you can go about your life as normal. Although we often give a topical treatment, you don’t have to worry about obsessing over taking a pill and constantly applying topical medication to try to get rid of the fungus. Laser treatments are also relatively painless and there is no recovery time. Lasers are able to treat the fungus underneath the nail without causing any damage to the nail or the delicate tissue surrounding it.

How to find a Doctor experienced in the Laser Treatment of Nail fungus

If you decide you want to try laser treatment for your nail fungus, take the time to find a reliable doctor that has experience with this type of treatment. I have been an active user of laser treatment since it was first FDA approved, my newest laser (Cutera) is extremely effective, quick, and affordable.

The drawback to laser treatment for nail fungus is that it is not currently covered by any insurance. This means it is a completely out of pocket expense for patients, making many people hesitant to try it. Treatment usually takes at least three to five separate laser appointments and sometimes requires a topical treatment as part of a combination treatment to get rid of the problem.

Individuals that have not had success in treating their nail fungus in the past may not be anxious to try another treatment and fail, however, laser treatment is successful for many people, including those who did not have success with other treatments such as ointments and pills. The newest laser has increased success rates dramatically and I have had many happy patients. I estimate the success rate to be 70% or more.  call a docAfter just a few treatments your nail should be looking better again as it grows without fungus.

There is no need to hide your fingernails or toenails in shame, laser treatment could be the answer for you. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail today to schedule a consultation or have your questions answered.

How to Cure Nail Fungus (Best in New York City)

A large number of people who suffer from onychomycosis, the medical term for nail fungus, are seeking alternative treatments to cure toenail fungus. Many are frustrated with the lack of results from using over the counter treatments. The risk of potentially serious side effects, severe skin rashes, and liver damage, often deters people from using prescribed oral medications. In order to achieve long term results, a growing number of people are turning to laser treatments. A number of medical offices are offering laser treatments to cure nail fungus in New York City.

Ethical Doctors Providing Effective Treatment for Nail Fungus

Symptoms of a fungal nail infection include thickened, crumbling, or discolored nails. Other conditions, such as diabetes and nail separation, exhibit similar symptoms to fungal nails. Determining whether or not a patient suffers from toenail fungus is extremely important to the success of laser treatment.toenails

If it’s not fungus, laser treatment will not work. The doctors at Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment NYC are extremely ethical and will not take your money if something else is causing nail irregularity and will not ‘sell’ you laser treatment.

Medical practices using lasers to cure nail fungus in New York City should perform a nail biopsy during the initial consultation if there is any question whether the problem is nail fungus or not. These practices, staffed by a team of ethical doctors, use biopsies to determine whether the problem is due to toenail fungus or some other underlying issue. If the biopsy indicates an underlying problem, not related to fungal nails, the doctors will not perform laser treatment. Instead they will work with the patient to determine the most effective treatment. If biopsy results indicate fungal infection, laser treatment can begin immediately.

Laser Toenail

Explaining the Cost of Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Having toenails with a fungal infection can be embarrassing. In an effort to cure fungal nails, many people turn to over the counter treatments, which while inexpensive at first, rarely see long term solutions, and cost more over time. Others turn to more dramatic solutions, which can be painful and extremely expensive. Laser treatments, using the newest technology to destroy fungus at the source, have a high success rate and offer long term results. Considering the long term results, the cost of laser toenail fungus treatment is one of the best priced treatment methods available.

Explaining Treatment Cost Of Laser Toenail 

Cost of Laser ToenailThe cost of laser toenail treatment at Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment NYC starts at $900. This covers the initial examination, lab work to verify fungal infection, and three treatment sessions. Each session is spaced approximately six weeks apart, over the course of a few months. The success rate of the treatment is approximately 70 percent. If additional treatments are required, they can be scheduled after the completion of the last treatment at $250 each. Most people who undergo laser treatment do require further treatments once their initial three treatments are completed.

If lab work indicates that the patient does not have a fungal infection, they will only be charged for the initial consultation and lab work. ($200 if your insurance does not cover the consultation costs, and the lab fee if that is not covered by your insurnace.) Payment is due in full before treatment can begin. Using a flex spending account is a recommended payment option, at this time health insurance will not cover the cost of the procedure but do cover the lab biopsy and initial consultation to make the diagnosis. Based on the long term results alone, the cost of laser toenail fungus treatment is a worthwhile investment. At City Footcare, we try to be the most ethical and inexpensive route for treatment by laser for toenail fungus in NYC.Cost of Laser Toenail

Used Cutera Genesis Plus Lasers For Sale

In 2011, the FDA approved the Cutera Genesis Laser for nail fungus, and I have been an advocate of this type of laser treatment for the warts and nailCutera-is-Better-than-pin-pointe.-jpg.jpg fungus ever since.

For years I have been able to complete work with a top of the line distributor dealing with used Cutera Genesis Lasers for use in podiatry and for other laser purposes as well. When it comes to pricing and service needs, this particular distributor has never failed to provide me with the best service possible.

Because of their quality and reliable services over the years, I have decided to endorse them on my website. Endorsements are not something I take lightly and I would only tie my name to something I would fully recommend to my friends, family, and coworkers. If you have a need for lasers, or know someone who does, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information regarding this competitively priced and reliable distributor.

Ideal candidates for their products include doctors, spas with medical services, and aestheticians, just to name a few. I can offer even more information for those that are in the podiatry practice, as this is my specialty and the lasers are my go to source for treating nail fungus and warts with minimal side effects and patient comfort in mind.

Call Cutera Sale

The Cutera Laser has increased the success of Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus.

FDA approved Cutera Laser for nail fungus:

BestToeNailFungusLaserTreatmentNYC1The cutera laser has been part of our practice for a few years now. This laser is the best on the market for treating nail fungus. We are now experiencing lots of follow up patients with excellent things to say about the treatments. We have been getting excellent results using the Cutera. When it was approved by the FDA, studies showed that the laser had about 70% success in treating nail fungus and our results have also been 70%, about 7 out of 10.

How many lasers do I need for nail fungus?

It’s important to note that one treatment is not enough when it comes to nail fungus. The laser may work occasionally with one treatment, but usually it requires at least three treatments. How successful the treatments are also depends on how bad the nail fungus is; the worse the fungus the more difficult it is to treat successfully. This factor is rarely brought up with many providers when discussing the treatment of nail fungus, but it does make (common) sense. The difficult part is that how bad nail fungus is, is actually a subjective concept. It could simply be a mild infection with a slight discoloration or something very severe with thick and crumbly nails. Everyone’s nails are different and are affected by fungus differently. Multiple factors combine to determine how the individual experiences problems with nail fungus.

BestToeNailFungusLaserTreatmentNYC3Does laser for nail fungus work on everyone?

It is virtually impossible to determine who will get success from laser nail treatments for fungus. Sometimes the lasers work wonderfully on very severe cases, other times it does not. Sometimes very minor cases are not cured by the laser treatment while other times it wipes out the fungus completely. Undergoing laser is the only way to determine if it will work for an individual. Taking this concept into consideration, I will never make a promise for successful treatment for nail fungus laser. However, if laser does fail, I will help you figure out what method will work best for you.

One good thing about laser treatment is that there are no harmful side effects from the treatment. If it doesn’t work, it simply doesn’t work and life goes on just like before. In some cases the laser may work a bit, but not completely, which is still better than no results but can also be difficult to deal with because both us and the patient always hope for complete success.

More than three laser treatments for nail fungus?BestToeNailFungusLaserTreatmentNYC4

We also often do more than three lasers. We tell our patients up front that three may not be enough treatments. When patients return two months after the third laser we determine if they need additional treatments. We charge half price for these additional treatments. See our pricing page for details.

If after three treatments the laser has not worked for individual patients, we also often change the laser parameters. We adjust the power, speed and how many pulses we perform. If after the three treatments we feel it is not working, we will tell you that, rather than you spending more money on treatment that may not work.

Back on the topic of success rates, while we cannot guarantee results, we have been seeing positive results with the Cutera laser for nail fungus.

What is the best office for laser for nail fungus?BestToeNailFungusLaserTreatmentNYC2

Are you wondering if our office might be the best office for your laser treatments? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Because we offer three treatments for one price instead of just one treatment, our office is generally more successful than other offices in treating nail fungus.
  • When comparing to other offices in New York City, our doctors do more lasers than most, resulting in more experienced doctors.
  • Cutera Laser treatment is our specialty. It is the most advanced and modern treatment currently available that is FDA approved.
  • As mentioned above, we are willing to adjust our treatments to increase our success rates while still maintaining the safety of our patients.
  • Our doctors are young and ethical. They stay up to date with the latest information and believe in the value of keeping our patients happy and safe.
  • We believe the best representation of our work are happy patients that are willing to voluntarily refer other people to us. We don’t believe in gimmicky sales tactics.
  • Our prices are the lowest in Manhattan and the New York City area.

Ethical Doctors

If for some reason we don’t think that the laser treatments will be a successful way to treat your nail fungus, we will let you know and we will not take your money for a treatment we feel won’t work. We are also advocates of testing nails to make sure fungus really is the problem. We will do biopsies as needed. A negative biopsy means laser treatment will not work and we will not perform laser, saving you money.

If you have any additional questions about laser for nail fungus or want to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


How much does Laser Treatment Cost?

How much does Laser Treatment Cost?

Laser for nail fungus is not covered by any medical insurance plan. Your initial consultation and biopsy when needed are usually covered.

2013 09 30 Best priced laser for nail fungus NYC p01We charge $900 for the laser. If there is any question whether the nails have fungus or not, we will do a biopsy at your initial visit and you will have to come back for the laser if the biopsy is positive.

If we do the biopsy we will charge you insurance if you have it and we take it, or charge you $200 for the consult. The laboratory also takes insurance and if you do not have insurance they will charge you as well.

If it turns out that you do not have nail fungus, we will not do the laser and the $200 charge is your only responsibly to us. The lab will not return their fee.

If you do have fungus and we proceed with laser treatment, simply deduct the $200 consult charge from the $900 being charged for the procedure.

If you have a flex spending account or a medical savings account, those funds can be usually be used to pay for the services we provide.

Our laser treatment costs $900, which includes three treatments, or three single visits using the laser.

Most people will see improvement after three visits. Many places charge $900 per visit, so some of our clients look at our pricing as paying for one and getting two free! We do require the $900 payment to be completed prior to our services on the first visit for laser. Cash or cards are acceptable forms of payment.

If after three treatments the doctors think that you will benefit from additional laser treatments the cost will be $250 per laser after the initial three. Often, this is the case where most of the nail has grown out but not all of it. We are ethical doctors and if we feel that additional lasers will not benefit you, we will tell you not to spend the additional money. To date, the most laser procedures we have done is 10. This was at a cost of $900 for the initial three lasers and $1,750 for the next seven lasers for a total of $2,650. Considering many doctors in NYC charge $1,800 for one treatment, I’d say we are the most fairly priced laser for nail fungus in NYC. BTW: after 10 lasers, he was cured!

We use the most advanced Laser for nail fungus:


NYC laser toenailf fungus treatment Cutera toenail fungus laser

The Cutera Genesis Laser is 80 Watts. This is 20 times more powerful than the first generation of FDA approved lasers for nail fungus.

The Cutera Genesis 1064nm laser is a safe and effective option for treatment of nail fungus.

The heat generated by the laser penetrates deep inside the nail where the fungus resides. It kills the fungus that causes nail disease (Dermatophytes). It is relatively painless. Most patients report feeling some heat and occasional discomfort. The heat does not damage the surrounding skin.

The laser procedure is done in our office and takes 20-40 minutes depending on how many nails are effected.

No anesthesia or pain killers are necessary and patients may return to normal activity and work immediately after the procedure with zero down-time.

Unlike most providers, we offer three treatments for one low price. We’ve found a minimum of three are necessary. We also offer low price for each additional necessary treatment after the first three.

Patients will not see results right away. It will take at least six months for the new nail to grow in after the procedure. The laser does not change the existing nail and requires new nail to grow in to replace the diseased nail. We see clearing as the new nail grows in from the back to the front of the toe.

We also use a specialized nail grinder to reduce the thickens of the nails and remove as much fungus as possible mechanically prior to performing the laser. This grinder sprays a water and alcohol combination to cool the nail and minimize discomfort while grinding.